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Öhlins new DH products


From concept to double world champion in 1 year

Everything about this Öhlins DH Race Fork is fast.
When races are decided by thousandths of second, there is no room for an error, next level control for next level riders. Whether you are racing between the tape or trying to hit that next gap on your favorite lap, you have the support and control to push further, faster and harder than before. We have more pistons, more tubes and more offset options than you knew you wanted.

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Trek Electric Mountainbike


Trek Powerfly 2019 

Trek unveils all-new electric mountain bikes Wildly popular Powerfly revamped with innovative integrated battery design, upgraded componentry 

(Waterloo, WI) – Trek has released a completely new edition of their electric mountain bike line-up, Powerfly. With demand for e-bikes surging, the all-new Powerfly sets a new standard for user-friendly integration. Exclusive to Trek’s Powerfly is the new Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) fully integrates the Bosch 500Wh PowerTube battery into the downtube allowing easy access to remove or install the battery thanks to a smarter interface, one-piece battery and cover, and built-in handle. 

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Coming Up


What you can expect the coming issues

Being back and here to stay means: new stuff to test. We are very busy gathering products, scheduling trips and test the shit out of it. It's a dirty job, but somebody has got to do it, right?

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